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  2. 6 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for rubber industry
6 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for rubber industry

6 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for rubber industry

Production Capacity: 6 tph

Equipment: SZL6-1.25-AII

Location: Yichun, Jiangxi

Cooperative client:  Jiangxi Taiming(Shanghai)Rubber Tire Co., Ltd.

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6 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for rubber industry


The butyl rubber meridian inner tube has excellentairtightness, excellent heat resistance and aging resistance, and is suitablefor use in automobiles that travel at a high speed. Jiangxi Taiming specializesin the production of butyl rubber radial tires, with an annual productioncapacity of 2 million high-quality butyl rubber meridian inner tubes. Atpresent, the evaporation of steam boilers in most existing tire factories isgenerally between 4 and 35 t, and the proportion of steam in the power costs oftire production is also high. In response to the production capacity of Taimingin Jiangxi, ZOZEN recommended a 6 tph SZL packaged coal-fired steam boiler.This series of boilers are fully assembled and shipped from the factory.Water-cooled walls are arranged around the front of the boiler body, the upperpart is connected with the drum, and the lower part is connected with theheader to form a combustion chamber to absorb the radiant heat of the furnace.The rear end is densely arranged the convection tube bundle between the upperand lower drums. The combustion of high-temperature flue gas through thesecondary return lateral convection heat surface, and then leads to a separatearrangement of economizer, and finally into the dust collector discharge, making areasonable allocation of adequate combustion. The boiler has wide adaptability to coal fuels.


Customer feedback

“ZOZEN boiler has a compact structure, asingle-layer layout of the boiler room, a reasonable area and is convenient for on-site installation. ZOZEN provides high-efficiency steam for our tireproduction with the lowest cost.”

— Jiangxi Taiming(Shanghai)Rubber Tire Co., Ltd.

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